Dieter Kiessling

The Paul Ege Art Collection is the culmination of a lifelong passion shared by the Freiburg entrepreneur and art patron Paul Ege, who passed away in 2019, and his wife Helga. The Paul Ege Art Collection (PEAC) is now one of Europe's most comprehensive collections in the field of color painting, including additional works representing Minimalism and Conceptual Art. We are committed to preserve the collection and to make it accessible to all interested audiences by presenting it in continually changing contexts and thus keeping it alive.

PEAC Museum is where the Paul Ege Art Collection has been housed and exhibited since 2004. Originally driven by the passion of a single person, it has evolved into a venue open to all over the last two decades. The museum is dedicated to fostering dialog between pioneers of art history and international, representatives of contemporary (abstract) art.

We will continue to embrace the challenge of making PEAC Museum a unique venue for in-depth art contemplation, dynamic participation and curiosity, as well as a place to retreat and slow down. Our goal and our vision is to create an experiential space in which the web of relationships between artwork, space and viewer plays a special role, in which the ability to perceive both the self and the world is sharpened.

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