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PEAC Magazin #4 – Dialog
On the topic of dialogue, we have looked at art education in the PEAC Museum in detail and taken the opportunity to put together a colorful bouquet of articles on perception and communication through and about art.
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PEAC Magazine #1

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We perceive our world with all our senses. And the same applies to experiencing art, since it is part of this reality! The restrictions during the pandemic have made us even more aware of how important sensory perception is for art and culture. Experiencing art means exchange, exchange creates closeness, closeness creates community and community creates identity. This is precisely why we want to try to appeal to different senses with the first issue of PEAC Magazine. The focus is on “color, color, color”. In this issue, we devote ourselves to the special visual stimuli of color painting, which challenges our vision again and again in a special way, and ask what colors are actually made of or whether they also play a role in cooking. We are pleased to introduce you to the voice of PEAC and look forward to our young audience discovering the richness of color in a playful way...